Issues Of Insecurity In Nigeria And The Positive Way To Ensure Peace


Nigeria has lost so many citizens due to insecurity and it is a difficult problem we are facing right now. Bombing, Killing, armed robbery, kidnapping, low facility, injustice and corruption are caused by this problem of insecurity. And they are really affecting the country negatively.

Armed Robbers are going about stealing individuals money and killing innocent citizens. Everyday we hear about robbery and there must be a lose of life and this is a result of insecurity. there are a lots of internet fraudsters all over the country collecting money from poor individuals. citizens are no longer safe in the country.

Kidnapping is another sign of insecurity in Nigeria. Since this act began Adult and children both male and female have been kidnapped for ransom and this has made life so unbearable for the citizens. People now leave in fear for falling into the hands of this criminal in Nigeria.

What about the human resources the country has lost it resources because of insecurity. The Government Know about this evil activities going on but we are not seeing there reaction over it. The rate of armed robbery, bribery and corruption is too much in the country and it is caused by insecurity. youth who are unemployed become a drug addict because of idleness.

The citizens are seriously suffering in Nigeria. They can't even go out this season because of kidnapping, thief and human trafficking.

Nigeria government are not taking any step about the economy break down.we can see joblessness it add to insecurity in Nigeria,it Is painful young people not been employed and this lead them to participate in one dangerous activites or the other. 

The public authority and government should try to set youth and train them in various parts of their lives.

The government should try and provide jobs opportunity for the young ones so that they will not engage themselves in those dangerous activites like robbery, internet fraud and human trafficking.

They should try and provide good education for the youth so they will be educated and be useful in the society, the government should build school for properly learning.

The government should also provide trained and professional armed securities to guide and lead the people in the society.