DCI Arrests Man Who Sealed Wife Genitals With Super Glue

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James Kifo, Arrested for allegedly spraying glue on wife's private parts.

DCI Kenya has confirmed the arrest of one James Murogi in Kitui county who is said to be the owner of the house where James Kifo hid after his dehumanizing works to his wife.

After the investigations the DCI detectives realised that James Murogi was common for practicing witchcraft in that area. They also realized that James Kifo, the one responsible for spraying glue on his wife's genital parts had been charged with a related case in the past but was released on an unclear circumstance.

Early in the morning, Murogi's friend James Kifo was arrested by DCI detectives together with Special crime unit from DCI Tharaka south in Kaningo, Kitui county. The 30 years old was reported by his wife on 16th May this year after his dehumanizing act to her.

The Wife reported his husband for luring her late at night to River Kathita and ordering her to strip naked and then tell him the names of all the men he slept with while he was in Nairobi.

When she hesitated giving a response, the suspect sprayed pepper, salt and super glue on her private parts and later used a knife to push them into his lady's genitals.

The arrest of the two have caught the attention of kenyans especially a coincidence of people who were given names that defines them.

According to most of the comments, parents should check on the names they give their children as it can define them. 'Murogi' means a witch whilst 'Kifo' means death.

Below are some reactions from Kenyans:

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