If your relationship is not ending like this, please advise yourself


What is love? This question is a very simple question, it is no new question since we do hear it on a daily basis. Many people have their perceptions about love, some say love is wicked due to the heartbreaks they have had sometime ago, some say love is kind due to the constant help they have had from their partners and others say love is sweet due to how they exceptional are treated in their relationships.

It is no news talking about what love is. The real news is, "what is true love?" Let me show you what true love is by unveiling these adorable pictures to you.

Love can be genuine but it gradually fades if not worked upon but with true love, it stays forever. It is like the love between God and man, no matter the sins of man, whenever they turn to God, they are being listened to as said by Christians.

Ever heard of the famous Romeo and Juliet who died for love? They are the ones who really exhibited true love to perfection. They didn't care about the aftermath of the state in which they were going to be cornered to. All they knew was that, they had each other and would rise and fall together no matter the circumstances in which they were going to face in life.

Nowadays, many people claim they love their partners but that isn't true love. They only stick around for sometime due to the benefits they are going to derive from their partners. Trust me, they are just human parasites and will surely leave the relationship once they do not get the things they were getting before.

These pictures are pictures which depicts true love. Even though age had caught up with them but that didn't erase the beautiful memories they had in their youthful days. They stayed together and remembered the vows they made some years before their current state.

Take a look at them below;

1. This is the first example of true love I am going to show you. Even at this old age they are together and their goals are even beautiful than some of these modern day relationships which is based on what one can do for another.

2. The former United States president as well as his lovely wife didn't just meet with a silver spoon already in the mouth of one of them. They started from a point and worked little by little towards a common goal. The story of these two lovers are now widespread in the world. This is what I call true love.

3. Looking at the two pictures below, these lovely couple started from scratch and believed they were getting there. Never did they doubt the love between them.

Look at them now. This is the end product of true love.

If your relationship at the moment isn't ending like this, please advise yourself.

Never were they going to betray their vows, "for better for worse, till death do us apart" was the statement, and they meant every single word in there. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I call true love. This is the genuine form of love which is never going to fade no matter what happens.

A very thank you to you all for taking time to read this. Have a nice Sunday and a very happy mothers day to all ladies on this platform. May God richly bless you all.

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