20 Acres Of Maize Plantation Destroyed In Molo: Police Officers Have Started Investigation


It is a bad way to send a message by destroying other people property. However, one of the farmers in Molo area in Nakuru county is counting on the loses of money after his farm was destroyed by unknown people. According to the owner of the farm, he claimed that they have been having an issue concerning the division of the land and he is suspecting that his brother might be the one behind this destruction.

A total of 20 acres of maize plantation was destroyed by unknown people. However, the police officers have arrived at the scene and declared that they are looking forward to arresting those who are behind this destruction. The police officers have declared that the two brothers were quarrelling about 100 acres and one of the brothers decided to destroy the crops. He claimed that they are looking forward to investigate who is behind the destruction of crops.

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