How to use Honey and dew to sharpen the (IQ) intelligent quotient of your new born baby.


Intelligence and brilliance is often genetic and incubated in a person DNA. It is a hereditary trait from the chromosomes of the parents. Therefore most people are naturally born talented and clever.

But naturally there is a taditional way to boost the intelligence quotient of a person with natural honey and dew water. This is a powerful combination to sharpens a persons intelligence and wipe the dullness and timidity in a person's brain.

The process must be started from infancy when the baby is developing the brain cells. The brain is a powerful world on its own. Anything you feed into it becomes a habit for the brain. Therefore apply this traditional method from the infancy before the brain cells are fully developed.

procedure is very simple. Put a clean bowl on top of your roofing during the night hours before you go to bed. Wake up in the middle of the night around 2-3am to collect it.

Mix the small clean dew water with small honey and give a small quantity to the child to drink. Do this for continuous days and see the outcome.

This is a natural remedy. There are no side effects. Both honey and dew water edible. Just try it and thank me later.

Buy the natural honey from the market. Avoid fake manmade one.