Signs of abuse in a partner. Learn how to spot them before it is too late. Many are not so lucky.

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We all know that one friend who is trapped in a never ending cycle she just cannot escape. Abusive partners are usually very romantic and know how to get back in good books with their partners.

A lady in the UK told of a very chilling story of how her partner abused to the point where he threw acid at her. She then realised that it was time to leave the relationship.

This one of the horror story that very few women get the chance to tell. Many are not so lucky because they leave the relationship in a body bag.

South Africa has the highest levels of partner on partner violence. Men of our country are suffering from the effects of a patriarch system that tells men that they are superior to women.

Unfortunately even young boys consider themselves superior than boys, a mindset that must be changed urgently if we are to end domestic violence and killing of women.


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