Zora: Emotions High After Pipi Was Found Dead

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Zora is one of the most popular drama series in Kenya. The series has been the best since it was featured on citizen television. In the play we have actors like Kwame, Simba, Oliver, Madiba and characters like Zalena, Zora, and many others.

The series is showing signs of ending as now we can see some characters disappearing from the play. Alma was spotted as the first character to disappear then recently was Mr. Oliver who was found dead.

In Thursday episode on Zora is Pipi reported dead and his body was discovered in a firm where his death is not yet revealed.

Pipi is a very important character in the drama series and his death has brought misunderstandings to the lovers of Zora. His family members will be surprised after the incident was reported by the police.

Simba who was best friend to Pipi will tear shades while screaming.

Thursday episode will be so interesting and also emotional to viewers. Kindly share my work.

Zora Thursday Updates:

Source: Viusasa/Youtube

Link: https://youtu.be/ckV9GtrKIzk.

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