Tips on how to spot fake earrings from the original one.


You love earrings and love to wear them but how can you be sure that it's real?

Fake earrings are on the rise,often appearing to look as good as the real thing. However it's true that buy cheap buy twice.

If you have any doubts about a earring you have bought here are tips on how to spot those fake earrings:

- It's too good.

Fake earrings looks too good and shiny but if you ask about the price it seems to be too low than normal.

- Can you return it after buying?

Let's say you bought the warring online sites definitely you are given some days to check on it the return if not good. If the Site has zero returns policy then that's fake.

- Check the branding

Original earring should have the name of the designer that the hallmark. Fake ones will create their hallmark to look like the original one. Check closely at layouts,fonts,spellings to ensure the hallmark matches the designer.

- Check the quality

See if the earrings are made of pure substances or fake one.

Fake earrings can bring itchiness around the ear when you wear them.


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