Benjamin Zulu's Fame Meets Opposition After People Disagreed With His Opinion On Under 25 Ladies


One known researcher going by name Benjamin Zulu has been met with a lot of Opposition from the public for having been pushing his idea that under 25 Ladies are not ripe for relationships and marriages. Mr. Zulu has been holding on this belief that ladies below 25 years of age should not be involved in love matters and if they already are in such relationships, they are advised to quit and wait.

While speaking @Citizen TV on Mawaidha na Bi.Mswafari with Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla, Zulu insisted that this conviction came on him after a series of research done on human development that revealed ladies brain develops fully starting the age of 25.

He also added that all campus relationships are children's games that end as soon as they begin. According to Zulu, women who get into marriage before they get to 25 years never live in peace. They cause drama each single time and this causes depression to their husbands who ends up developing some unnecessary illnesses.

Zulu has always been heard in many platforms giving this stand. However, I is not clear whether marrying a woman who is above 25 guarantees peaceful marriage. Although this stand was opposed by Bi. Mswafari, she indicated that some marriages thrive despite the age of the woman at the age of marriage. This was confirmed by Lulu Hassan who said in the hearing of her husband that she was married while she was below 25 years but believes that she is doing well.

This stand by Zulu has led to break of many marriages and relationships, something that calls for legal action that should be taken against Zulu. This notion continue to be met with a lot of opposition as many people believe otherwise concerning the matter.

See some of the reactions below:

John from Karen: I married my wife when she was 22 and she's one of Best. Zulu should keep his idea to himself and stop misleading people.

Diana from Kitale: Huyu jamaa alifanya nikatoka kwa relationship yangu bila sababu ambayo bado nalia hadi sasa.

Mike from Dandora: I think Zulu is right going by his research. However, the idea should not be used to destroy people's destinies and mislead them.

Do you believe that this idea by Benjamin Zulu holds water in any way? Do men who marry women younger than 25 years of age suffer as he portrays it? Are you willing to share your marriage or relationship experience in relation to this subject?

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