Remedy to help detoxify your liver

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Remedy for LIVER

One glass of this drink and the LIVER will be like new again! 

Needed things:

1. Fresh mint leaf (handful) 

2. Orange

3. Lemon

4. Honey

5. Grated lemon rind

6. One liter of water

How to prepare

Put the water in a pot add the mint leafs in water boil on stove allow to boil for 5mins and bring it down from stove leave to settle and sieve the water in a cup. 

In the cup with the liquid add lemon and orange juice inside along wit y the grated lemon rind. Add some honey to taste and that's it! 

Drink is ready to enjoy! 

You can consume this drink hot or cold whatever way you prefer it. 

We must always keep the LIVER healthy and functional. Say no to fatty liver. 

This remedy will help us detoxify our liver so much that we will be able to improve our health in general. 

Note: Yoruba name for mint leaves is ewe and hausa is Na'a naa .mint leaf is not same as scent leaf or nchanwu or efirin. 


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