Is eating the Chicken skin dangerous to heart health. See this.


Many are the times we love enjoying chicken. It is very delicious especially with that skin. But controversies have been rising especially from doctors. Is is healthy to consume that part of a chicken?

1.The skin of a chicken contains highly unsaturated fats.That's the better kind of fat that is associated with lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.However,The chicken skin contain high omega-6 fats which may cause inflammation in body.

2.Its true that it is fattening. It leads to increase body weight. So if you are checking on weight be careful. Eat it with moderation. Don't eat if more oftenly or too much of it.Otherwise you weight is likely to shoot up!

3.Chicken cooked with skin may be delicious than chicken without. Chicken naturally is sweet even without seasoning. So you can enjoy.

4.The bottom line is that there exist arguments about keeping the chicken skin or not.But the benefits exceeds the harm.Even though you eat it may not add calories to your body drastically. So no need to scrap it.