“We Lost Because of What I Did” Top Player Blame Himself for His Teams Loss


Major European football teams are being kicked out of the Euros tournament. In the round of sixteen knockout stages, Wales, Portugal and Holland were knocked out shockingly by teams considered junior to the losers. 

The most shocking loss of the night was Netherland’s. The 2010 world cup finalists were beaten 2-0, but not in a normal situation. One of their defenders, Mathijs de Ligt was red carded in the second half on 2 June 27, 2021.

Their opponents took full advantage of the situation and managed to score two goals. In an interview by NOS TV, the Juventus defender said: “We basically lost the match because of what I did. In hindsight, I should not have left the ball bounce.”

He said that he did not feel that the opponents were creating a lot of chances but the red card is what made the difference.

In another match in Sevill, Christiano’s Portugal suffered a heart-breaking loss against the Red Devils in the round of sixteen stages. Belgium will face Italy on Friday 2 July for the quarter finals at 10 pm in East African time.

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