CHRIS: I bought a Manchester United jersey with R180

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Chris Excel bought a Manchester United jersey for the purpose of being happy, and the amount of merchandise was shocking to a lot of people from Excel's timeline. The Manchester United jersey costs her only R180, and the money is coming from the promos for advertising.

With the same number, more people come forward to explain their contribution to what Chris Excel had done. Some are saying they would have bought a different football team jersey than the one that Chris has purchased. People buy what they can afford, and you can not blame them for it.


Even though one person was embarrassed at Konka for not wearing shoes that were not the original brand, he received a good outcome from it. He was also given an opportunity to study the following year, during which his bad moments at Konka are being turned around at the moment.

People are constantly getting bags made by others because of the amount of clothing they can afford. One other thing is that Chris is not shy about revealing the price of the clothing, and it is for the sake of feeling great. Others will always have something to say about what you are doing and experiencing.



1.Modiegi: It is your hard-earned money.

2. Mooi: I have two fake Orlando Pirates jerseys as we speak, and they don't have badges.

3. Lonwabo: Where can I get a cheap Orlando Pirates jersey?

4. Kasi: Pretoria's Marabastad and Johannesburg's Small Street.

5. Chris Excel: I hear you saying it is a fake, but the fact is, I am proud of my accomplishment.


Others are not shy about buying less expensive clothing and lifestyles, as well as Chris, who does not want to listen to those who are responding with negative results. You need confidence for your own lifestyle and what people are going to say about you should not stand in your way like Chris, Mooi, Lonwabo, and many other people pushes it away.

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