Look Beyond the Face! Save Our Teens



I came back home one day to meet my daughter looking too serious or something. After greetings my question was what Happened?

She actually said nothing, just a bit of headache and continued what she was doing. On normal day I would have allowed that to slip. But after talking with my son for a while, I turned towards her direction again, this face doesn't look like nothing.

So I asked again, are you ok? Yes. How did it go today at the lesson? Yeah! I hit the right cord, she let it all out. All the pent up frustration. Everything. How she was berated and the likes, I was taken aback by some of those things too. Suddenly she started crying.

I empathized with her and apologized on behalf of her instructor, tried to just focus on her emotions at the moment. After all the emotional outburst, surprisingly, the headache vanished.

Children too have emotions, and could be hurt. Expressing them freely without fear and restrictions helps them to remain healthy.


I am Kelvin Kimaiga.

Have very Blessed morning.


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