Charity Ngilu Speaks About The State Of Azimio In Mt Kenya After Campaigning In Kiambu

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Today, Azimio la Umoja One Kenyan coalition flag bearer Raila Odinga and fellow activist Martha Karua continued to search for voice in the Kenyan mountain region. They are in Kiambu County and have passed through several parts of the region. They urged residents not to allow deputy President William Root to look down on him as long as he came from the area. Raila also said the IEBC would need to be equipped with a manual electoral roll. Otherwise, no elections will be held. 

Meanwhile, Martha Karua praised Laila. She said Laila could do his job well and he favours Kibaki, so they should go back and forth by voting for him. A few hours later, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu used social media to talk about the situation in Azimio in the Mount Kenya region. On her official Facebook page, she posted.

"The town of Ruiru in Kiambu county was very warm today. Baba Raila Odinga not only scaled the mountain, but also sits comfortably on the top of the mountain."

She was delighted with how well they had been received there. Ngilu rebuked vice president William Ruto during the campaign for wanting other people's children to use wheelbarrows despite the fact that Ruto's daughter is an ambassador. that he should stop using people since it is extremely wrong.

Ngilu declared she will support a another candidate in Azimio la Umoja after withdrawing from the Kitui county campaign. If everything goes well, she will work at the national level, Raila informed the locals, therefore they should let him take her for the national campaigns. She has now advocated for Raila and worked to defeat Ruto on social media.

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