Photos: Check Out This Wedding Gown That Sparked Reactions Online


The bride's wedding gown, also known as a bridal gown, is the gown she wears during the wedding ceremony. The color, style, and ceremonial significance of the gown might be influenced by the wedding guests' faith and culture.

Brides were required to dress in a way that reflected well on their families and reflected their social rank, as they were not simply representing themselves during the ceremony. Rich hues and special textiles were frequently worn by brides from wealthy backgrounds. They were frequently seen in bright colors and layers of fur, velvet, and silk. Brides wore the most up-to-date fashion and the most luxurious materials their families could afford.

On their wedding day, even the poorest of women wore their prettiest church gown. The amount and price of material used in a wedding gown was a reflection of the bride's social status and served as a visual indicator to wedding guests of the family's affluence.

Check out this wedding gown that sparked reaction.