Emotional Rachael Ruto Asks President Uhuru Kenyatta To Forgive Her Husband William Ruto

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The deputy president and his boss having having political differences since the handshake between ODM party leader Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta took place on March 2020. The deputy also went against supporting the Bridges Building Initiative (BBI) that was initiated by Uhuru and Raila saying that it targeted specific people leaving common Mwananchi with heavy burdens.

The two have been seen public blaming one another till the church came in between to get them reconciled. That didn't happen. Well on Sunday, Rachael Ruto, the wife of the deputy president came out and asked the president to forgive Ruto. Rachel who had attended church service in Nairobi asked Kenyans to continue being peace promoters as they are set to hold general elections in 2022.

"Ombi langu hasa tunapoelekea uchaguzi mkuu ni kwamba twendelee kuwa wapatanishi. (My prayer as we approach 2022 general elections is that we continue being one people and pray for the nation)", said Rachael. She went a head and said that Kenyans should continue praying for his husband William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta so that they can come together as they were before. " You people were happy when the two used to call each other 'brother' and worked together, that is what we need to see again. Finally your excellence president Uhuru Kenyatta forgive my husband where he has wronged you for the country to move forward," concluded Rachael as the congregations cheered.

Below is the link of a video of Rachael asking Uhuru Kenyatta to forgive her husband William Ruto.


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