What Are You Trying To Tell Kenyans, Reactions As Professor Harmo Clears The Air For The First Time


The internet has gone on fire for the another time. This is after Professor Harmo shared this post concerning his family that has left questions among Kenyans on different social media platforms.

According to the post that was shared though Instagram, the guy was passing some information to Kenyans concerning his children, something that has raised eyebrows online. "I have always been a present for all my children and i will continue to work hard of them. I don't understand where does this all things comes from!" Captioned Harmo.

Now this post of Harmo it's currently rotating online, and it's sparking mixed reactions from netizens. Many are out to ask Professor Harmo if he reallyl is saying the truth while, others are wondering who to believe between Jemtai and Professor Harmo.

Anyway what's your opinion also concerning this post of Professor Harmo that has gone viral online!? Share your thoughts as you share this news to your friends! Below are some of the reactions:

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