Judge Odunga Sends Powerful Surprising Orders to Auditor General

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Justice George Odunga has sent a powerful order to the Auditor General Nancy Gathungu on matters around auditing of private firms receiving public funds. Odunga is clear any private firm like the Agricultural show of Kenya that receives public money from government must be audited for it's clear all public resources must be accounted for fully.

Here is a link: https://www.pd.co.ke/news/private-entities-receiving-public-funds-must-be-audited-court-rules-111460/

Odunga is firmly clear any private entity that receives public money must account for everything in a case that was taken to court by Okiya Omtatah. It's clear most private firms like the Agricultural show of Kenya have been receiving money in millions from government without any audit to ascertain of such monies are used.

The judge refused to stop funding of private firms by government over the fact that they are offering public goods and services but again remained clear auditing must be done. The judge made it clear it's unfortunate that some firms have been receiving money from government without proper auditing being carried out a reason he wants all public monies in private firms audited.

This is a surprising order but again reprieve to tax payers who have been loosing money just in the ground for lack of audits and leakages. This means The Agricultural show of Kenya has been getting money from government but with zero audit of such funds clearly delivering a shocking but interesting scenario.

However it's clear Kenyans will be waiting to see on the reaction of not only the auditor General but also Uhuru Kenyatta following the new development which has seen Odunga deliver such a ruling. As always though it's a wait and see matter as it's clear Kenyans have severally lost money through private firms that have failed to account for a penny of the huge amount of money that they receive from government. However time will tell for it's clear and obvious we live in interesting but fascinating times.

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