Another ZIMBABWEAN Politician Goes HOME After Living In SA 3 Years - SEE MORE

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One more ZIMBABWEAN Politician Goes HOME After Living In SA 3 Years - SOUTH Africa

South Africa - Well it seems the examination of Zimbabweans grants in SA is making Zimbabweans, reexamine their visit in South Africa.

This comes as another famous Zimbabwean political dissident, named Tinashe Jonas, is flying home to Zimbabwe from South Africa interestingly following three years. Jonas told Gambakwe News he is currently moving to Zimbabwe to take an interest in the 2023 Presidential mission of President ED Mnangagwa. Jonas left Zimbabwe more than three years prior and has been living in South Africa from that point forward.

Jonas says Zanu PF isn't similar to different gatherings. The presence of Jonas back in Zimbabwe makes certain to embed an intriguing significance to Zimbabwean legislative issues. Hopefully he fixes his nation back home. Jonas made a video from OR Tambo in the first part of the day prior to his takeoff.

He reported he is glad to leave South Africa and pleased to be a Zimbabwean. Whether or not what he is talking about is valid is not yet clear yet we know various Zanu PF legislators who were residing in South Africa for quite a while has returned home, to purportedly assist their administration with races in 2023.


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