Di Maphorisa allegedly rumoured to be gay because of this

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Dj Maphorisa sparkles gay bits of hearsay after an image of him performing at Konka on Saturday night arose on social media.

Madumane as he is famously realized in the diversion circles was clad in close fitting calfskin pants and had a Gucci sling pack.

Tweeps couldn't resist the opportunity to see how ladylike he thoroughly searched in that outfit provoking numerous to estimate that he is gay.

Tweeps are now having a field day with his image as they are persuaded that he is gay and that is gradually letting out the unadulterated truth.

His stance and Gucci sling pack did no equity for him as they made him look considerably more female and 'gay'

One thing without a doubt that sent social media into overdrive is the means by which thrilling and thick his thighs searched in that outfit. Some tweeps depicted him all in all thick hun while others even began ridiculing him saying that he is a 'terrible b*tch, a baddie, while a few likewise utilized explanations that are typically used to commend thick breathtaking ladies, for example, 'thick thighs save life.'


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