Current Condition Of The 30 Year Old Lady Who Removed Her 6 Ribs (Photos)


Women can do anything in their power to to look beautiful beautiful by enhancing their body with artificial. This captivating and lovely lady wanted to be the lady with the tiniest waist in the world by removing 6 of her ribs.

This is the story of the middle aged beautiful lady who is a 30-year-old woman, she stunned many people with her determination to have the world's smallest waist by taken up a remarkable transition process.

The new generation of women in the world today are greatly affected by plastic operations as they choose to transform their physical look for undefined reasons.

Here's her present condition after going through surgery:

The adorable lady who is popularly known as Pixee is a Swedish middle aged lady who wasn't satisfied with the way God created her, and she believes she didn't have a better body shape, and she decided to remove seven of her ribs through surgical procedure.

Now, she's has clearly being suffering for some times now after multiple surgeries. She now spends most of time lying on the hospital bed.

Do you think it's okay to perform surgery to transform the body? Let's hear your thoughts


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