What to Consider When Choosing Someone to Marry.


Marriage is lifetime decision people make. Choosing who to marry should be done with carefulness. Choosing the wrong person will end up making your life uncomfortable and even unstable. Choosing the right person to marry will the beginning of happiness. There many factors to consider when choosing your partner. These factors will enable you to get a someone you can make a future together.

First, let's talk about the real character of the person. When you someone on first day, don't rush to talk about love even if you have fallen in love with him/her. Become friends for sometime as you learn his/her character. This will enable you to understand the real character of the person. If you happen to engage in love with that person on first meeting, he/she will hide his real character to attract you.

Secondly, don't rush to marriage before courtship. This process helps so much to know deeply the background of the person you are interested in marrying. Visit the person's family and share with their parents. This will enable you to understand better the relationship you are going to make.

Finally, ensure you are truly in love with the person. Don't engage in marriage because you are fearing to heartbreak the other person. Make sure you the person truly and the other person does. This will make you and your partner to form a happy couple. 

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