Because children are expensive, child support allowances should be raised to R1050. [Opinion]

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As a result, the social relief award should be increased to R1050, which would offer enough money for both parents and their children, who are both in need of financial assistance due to their lack of employment. It's been said that we're in the midst of the third wave.

For fear of getting the virus, a lot of parents have chosen to stay at home rather than go to work, especially given the current status of the outbreak and reports that the third wave could be on the way.

You must buy medicine, diapers, milk, clothes, and other supplies at least every two months because a newborn infant grows up quickly. As a result, President Cyril Ramaphosa should devise a strategy and talk with Sassa about raising child assistance handouts to R1050 per month. That, I feel, will happen in the near future. People are having children now because they require more or sufficient financial resources to keep their families afloat financially or otherwise. It would suffice if it could be decreased to R1050, and individuals would be less likely to have children.

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