Papi Water Come And Carry Your Friend — Lady Who Emulated Amah's Eating Style Tagged Him On Facebook


The standard in terms of 'eating and relaxing' as set by a popular chef, Baptist Amah on Facebook is currently been emulated by other young social media users in the country. The young man who is popularly known as Papi Water on Facebook always refers to the standard as 'Eating and Fainting'.

Baptist Amah (Papai Water) who always sheared photos of his well-prepared meals, is being perceived by many people as a talented chef on the social media platform.

Sincerely, the photos which usually contained the process of preparing the meals, how they are served (always in a village manner), their eating patterns, and the relaxing mode/positions of the young man after consuming the meals are always very delightful to watch.

A while ago, Maria Ochi aiyanda, a Facebook user showed off the extent to which Baptist Amah have influenced her cooking, eating, and relaxing habits. The young lady who sheared photos of Macaroni, vegetables, fish, and Egg she prepared, and her resting mode after eating the rich meal, tagged Papi Water to the Facebook post.

The lady who was seen in one of the photos, sleeping with the empty plate and spoon on his hand, wanted Papi Water to come to her rescue. Come and carry your friend, she jokingly states in the Facebook post. See the post and the attending photos below:

What is your take on the level of influence Papi Water is beginning to have on his teeming followers as seen in the Facebook post from Maria above?

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