Nigerian Man Who Is Sick With Cancer Of The Blood Cells Fulfils His Dream Of Becoming A Priest


The young man in the photo above is a Nigerian named Livinus Esomchi Nnamani. He is down with Leukaemia, a cancer of the blood cells. He was diagnosed with this type of cancer when he was 20 years old, now he is 31 years old.

This Nigerian Man who is sick with cancer of the blood cells finally fulfils his dream of becoming a priest in the Catholic Church. Livinus has been battling with this sickness for more than a decade.

He travelled to Italy in search of better health care. Even with the gruelling transfusions and treatments, Livinus Esomchi Nnamani continued his studies in Italy.

Livinus decided to write Pope Francis asking him to bring forward his ordination. Fortunately, Pope Francis gave his permission for Livinus to be ordained. The reply to the letter he wrote came back quickly on the 31st of March 2021. The next day, Livinus Esomchi Nnamani was ordained a Catholic priest at the hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Livinus is now an ordained Catholic priest in Italy. He has begun his priestly ministry at the hospital because he is still on admission. Congratulations to him and may God perfect his healing.

This was shared on a Facebook group page named Jesus and Mary. Check below for more photos of Father Livinus.

Rev. Father Livinus Esomchi and the Italian Bishop that Ordained him at the hospital.You can also pray for Father Livinus in the comments section below.