See What A Popular Nigerian Actress did to Electricity Staff reportedly asking for Bribe. (VIDEO)

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Nigerians have started standing up for one another against oppression and corruption under the umbrella of the “Sorosoke generation” and a Nigerian actress recently showed an example. The popular actress in question shared a video of what she did to staff of an electricity company who reportedly attempted to extort customers by threatening to cut them off from the electricity supply except they were bribed.

Doris Ogala

The actress in question is Doris Ogala and she can be seen in the video, asking the said electricity company staff to show her evidence that the victims were indeed owing any debt to the company.

The actress however stood up to the company staff as she can be heard in the video in the video saying, “You are brutalizing the poor, You come here and you cut off their electricity supply without anything indicating that they owe you debts.”

During he video she added, “Enough of this brutality in Nigeria”

Doris in the video

In the caption attached to the video she wrote, “i saw some electricity company staff collecting bribe from the poor. If you don’t have money to give them, they cut off your electricity supply.”


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