Trending photos of DJ SWITCH, her beautiful cars and house


Today i am going to reveal how wealthy the younger female dj is. Erica Armah Bra-Bura Tandoh known by her showbiz name DJ SWITCH, born December 12, 2007 is a young Ghanaian female disk jockey. She is a multi talented entertainer who can also sing, rap and dance. She does poetry, she is an actress and delivers motivational speeches. She is the second child and the only girl among five siblings.

She hails from DADIESO in the western region of Ghana and attends talented royals international school at Weija in Accra. Her career took off when she was seven years of age, she claims she is adepts at switching people's mood from sad to happy, hence the name DJ SWITCH.

In June 2018, Erica became the youngest person to win Ghana's annual Dj awards. In 2019 Roc nation, Jay Z's entertainment company, acknowledged her skills and featured her on their social media for Black history month and in 2020 she was listed among top 100 child prodigies from all around the world and grabbed Global prodigy's awards in the DJ's category. Her dream is to be a gynecologist, so she can enhance the process of childbirth for women in her community. She is managed by the American talent agency BUCHWALD.

Dj Switch is now a successful and talented young girl who is currently living with luxurious wealth like cars and house. Below are the pictures of DJ SWITCH and her cars, house.