Before Saying Yes To A Guy's Proposal As A Lady, Take Note Of His Relationship With These 3 Set Of People

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"Show me your friends and I will know your type" is a weighty statement that bears more reflection in a relationship between man and woman. As a lady, the fact that you are opportuned to hook a cute, rich and smart guy does not mean you have landed a jackpot that will define your marriage.

One thing is to marry a good man. Another thing is to be comfortable with people around him. If your man's family or friends are not on the same page with you, you may possibly not enjoy your marriage no matter how good your man is.

As a lady, before saying yes to a his proposal, you need to check out these set of people that flock around him.

1. His parents are very key. His relationship with his parent must be of importance to you. If he is a guy who is highly attached to his mum, you may end up having issues with his mother if you are not ready to play by the rules. 

Mothers especially the ones who treasure their sons are very selective with the choice of lady they bring home. They always prefer a lady that will be completely submissive and put them in high esteem. If you are not this type of person, you may likely have problem in the long run.

Similarly, if your man is the type who does not give much attention to his parents due to his busy schedule, your presence in his life may be termed as reason for such behavior. Before accepting his proposal, you must discuss and thrash things out with him to avoid unnecessary controversy after marriage. 

2. Secondly, you need to take note of his relationship with his siblings especially if he is the eldest child of the family or the only male child. Men who fall into this category usually find it difficult to pull out of family web without having a misunderstanding with them.

If you are not careful, you will be the target of the scenario. If you are marrying a man who has sisters, you must be ready to take them as your sisters, friends and build a good rapport with them. Before this can be achieved, you must plan your strategy before accepting to marry him.

This will help you enjoy your marriage.

3. The third people are the friends around him. Who are his friends? The kind of friends your man flock with goes a long way in impacting his life and his marriage.

If you notice he doesn't have a responsible friends that can impact his life or even your own life, you need to thrash it out with him before neck-deep yourself into the relationship.

If you go ahead, you may not be able to make the necessary change in his life and eventually, you will join the train.

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