Photos of Cyril Ramaphosa in Ghana that will leave you with no words: OPINION

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Photo: Twitter ( Cyril Ramaphosa in Ghana)

Cyril Ramaphosa was supposed to meet with the corona virus council on Saturday but the meeting has been cancelled since he is still in Ghana.

South Africa has just detected a new variant called Omicron few days ago. Cyril Ramaphosa advised people not to panic as the variant is not that dangerous but the table have turn around and it's bad.

People were left speechless as they have noticed this about the president being crowned 'Chief' at Ghana. Just as in people are worried but the president is away.

"Why don’t they keep him once. On a serious note, I hope he didn’t borrow money there. Every time he’s sent somewhere he comes back having made a loan of some sort. Ubatsandza kabi bomashonisa nangu umfokati," says a twitter follower.

According to the minister of Health Joe Phahlaa, "the inter-province travel ban is unjustified for now. This simply means there is no need to say people should detected. He also stated that the variant does not seem dangerous that other variant like Delta.

"South Africa is now being punished for detecting the new variant. Following the UK banning the flights and everyone to get through their borders from South Africa. This also means no more business from South Africa to Uk. It was not UK only but with Singapore and Australia.

"It will take time for South Africa to recover from what they've lost during the first time of this pandemic."


Here is what the president should prepare when he comes back

*.Province traveling might be banned for few days.

*. Bars and tarvrn might operate per days basis.

*. Mass gathering might be banned again.

*. Sports activities might be cancelled again

South Africa is facing a difficult time from last year. The citizens are afraid that they might miss Christmas yet again.

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