Rose Of Date Rush Narrates How Her Parents Reacted After They Saw Her Finding Love On TV


Rose also known as Khadijah of Date Rush has been a trend on social media after her dramatic display on the recent episode of the Date Rush show. 

Rose of Date Rush

With her perception of love has really caused a serious controversy on the internet after claiming men must prove their love to women by giving them money.

Some netizens especially men has really debunked the view of Rose. Rose has appeared on Date Rush in consecutive times and somehow in January found love with Manbossey where they eventually fall out due to some misunderstanding that sparked between them.

However, some people wonder if the individuals who shows up on Date Rush don’t get intimated and criticized by people in their society most especially their Parents.

Rose of Date Rush has disclosed how her parents reacted after they saw her finding love on Date Rush.

According to Rose, her parents was never perturbed or hurt after they saw me on Date Rush but rather they were very happy for me and commended me.

In her own words; “My Parents don’t really care about what people think about me, even after my last appearance and people descended on me with insults, they urged me to forget about the naysayers, I am your mother and I am supporting you so what other people will say is just their opinions” She added

She then disclosed that, they are two siblings (two girls) in their family biologically and she is the youngest one.