Rogue Matatu Conductor Exposed After He Allegedy Failed To Return 400 Shillings Change


A Matatu conductor who is yet to be identified had allegedly vanished with 400 shillings change meant for his passengers who had earlier boarded a bus from Rongai to Nairobi.

According to the complaint Romeo Pink who took it to Facebook to report the incident had given 500 shillings to the conductor hoping to get 400 shillings back.

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The wrangles began when he asked for his change back, reportedly the conductor abused him and at some point, he called some goons for him at a certain bus stop.

Fearing for his life he chose to keep quiet because he thought if he fought for the conductor he would get harmed by the goons.

Shocking the conductor alighted from the matatu while the goons boarded leaving him stranded.

In addition to his post, he described the conductor as "rastaman" and operated on a public service vehicle registered KBK 139C from Rongai to Nairobi.Ok, this is sad, right? Imagine someone refusing to give you your change back. It's advised that you should carry a fixed Matatu bus fare before even boarding ask to confirm the price or else you might board and be charged times 4 the normal amount.