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The world has approximately six thousand five hundred (6500) languages, to date. As much as there are languages that are slowly fading away from their people due to factors such as extinctions. New languages are easily formed, as we are living in world full of possibilities.

The world is evolving and growing, with this growth there is possible mobility of people across boarders. Movements can be as a result of school opportunities, work opportunities, traveling for content or getting lost in a room in your own country with people who speak a foreign language such as Spanish, French or Chinese.

Therefore, in this age, knowing a language that is spoken by your culture group, home clan or country may not be enough for your survival, especially if traveling the world is in your bucket list or conversing with world class philosophers, wealthy people and securing your identity within these type of spaces.

It is good to know that, with the help of technological developments, one can learn any language of their choice for just 15 minutes a day.

Duolingo is a very educational program that can be downloaded from Google's playstore. It has any language that is necessary to know and learn. The languages include English, Spanish, French , Japanese and more.

After downloading the application, you will be required to put in your details, these are : formulating your profile, selection of the language or languages that you want to learn, selection of the amount of time you're willing to spend on the application learning your languages daily.

It has interesting features that can make learning a new language easier for any type of learner, that is, visual, audio or logical, also for both right brained and left brained individuals. The app shows the word, the picture representing the word and an audio of the pronunciation of the word.

If interested in diversifying your languages, then this application can be beneficial for your vocabulary and speaking developments.


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