5 reasons why couples eventually look alike


Some happily married couples may even confuse you for a brother and sister resemblance. The intriguing question about why couples look alike after spending more years together has finally been answered. The researchers have given their hypothesis about the same and have concluded that couples indeed tends to look alike as they age.

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Most couples have many things in common and some even have similar facial features. Couples occupy the Same environment, engage in the same activities, eat the same food and mimic each others facial expressions.

These are the reasons why couples look alike:

A man tends to marry his mother or rather he marries a woman with the same traits with his opposite s*x parent especially the colour of the hair and eyes.

Sharing experience with your partner throughout life may influence the tendency of look alike. Couples experience happy and sad life together which may even make their wrinkles to form in the same place.

According to search, we are attracted to those with the same facial similarities to us. One may prefer a brown skin maybe because she /he is brown skin.

Similar immune system reflects our lifestyle which may make couples take the same diet or even encourage them to go for the same physical exercises.

Happy marriage is the key to happy life which makes couples have the same physical facial appearance.

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