Foods that helps relieve constipation

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A healthy diet rich in fiber can help the intestines function better. However, there are some foods that have a more effective action when it comes to relieving constipation. Learn about the 5 most powerful foods for the intestine and why they are the most recommended for cases of constipation.

-Wheat bran

According to research, wheat bran is considered the food that has the best action in cases of constipation. It is nothing more than the husk of the wheat grain and, despite containing gluten, is very rich in fiber and can help a lot.


Rich in soluble fiber (pulp) and insoluble fiber (peel), the plum improves stool transit because it increases the absorption of water during the formation of the fecal cake. In addition to fiber, the fruit is also rich in sorbitol, which also helps soften the stool and facilitates the evacuation process. Any type of plum has these properties, but the black plum is the most recommended.


Famous and beloved of all who live with constipation, papaya is rich in fiber that helps irrigate the fecal cake and give greater volume to the stool. With a high concentration of papain, a digestive enzyme present in the fruit, it helps to speed up the digestive process and, consequently, stimulates bowel movements.

-Oat bran

It is also rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, in addition to beta-glucan, which can assist in good intestinal functioning. It stimulates the growth of good bacteria of the intestinal flora and improves the consistency of the stool, which facilitates its mobility in the intestine.


YES! Water is fundamental for the digestive process to be completed successfully - not only for the intestine, but for all the organs in our body. A good hydration combined with a menu with fiber consumption will ensure a good intestinal transit.

Foods that prevent constipation;

What to eat is as important as what not to eat; There is certainly a wide range of foods other than those recommended above that can help with constipation, such as avocados, apples, pears, yogurt, kefir, beans, lentils, Sweet Potatoes, chickpeas, and others.

Just as there is also a huge range of foods that should not be eaten during times of constipation because they can aggravate cases of constipation. These are some of them:

- Egg, Red meat, Fried foods, unripe banana, Alcohol, Caffeine.

-Guava, cashew or lemon juice.

-White rice, French bread, flat bread, toast, powder cookies, water and salt cookies, tapioca, pasta.

-Pizzas, hamburgers, snacks, stuffed cookies, cakes and pies with white flour.

Now that you know which foods can be included in your eating routine to have a regulated bowel, choose for your health and well-being. Choose your diet consciously!

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