Retired ex-PSL star headed for a nasty divorce from wife

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Marriage begins off as a wonderful thing between two people who are in love and they never realize that in the future they would be faced with a whole lot of issues in their marriage, with the divorce rate in South Africa increasing quite high by the day.

With celebrities declaring divorce after divorce, a former Kaizer Chiefs star in the form of Josta Dladla is currently facing a situation where in his marriage is heading for a violent divorce, this after his wife is claimed to be fed up of his alleged violence in the marriage.

Josta has been married to his wife Thato for more than 10 years and according to individuals who are close to the case, Thato says that the former Mamelodi Sundowns star disrespect her and belittles her even in the company of people.

She has now resorted to taking the concerns to her attorneys to petition for a divorce from the retired soccer player. It is reported that Dladla is also accused of infedility in the marriage, going as far as utilizing their resources to support his children outside their marriage.

"Thato days that Josta belittles her and most of the times makes her feel useless and good for nothing. She believes she does not love him anymore and has sought lawyers to help her file a divorce from him. She says he cannot hide his rage when they are in front of family whenever they have conflicts. They had a large argument in 2020 and Josta eneded up leaving out of their marital house, " revealed the person.

Josta's wife however wants full custody of their three children, two boys and a girl, also stating that she wants the retired footballer to retain the kids even after they are divorced.

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