Modest And Classy Fashion Ideas To Copy From Chioma Chukwuka(Photos)

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Celebrities have always had a strong influence on fashion trends, and anything they wear attracts a lot of attention due to their large fan base. Fashion designers use them to show off new collections, thus people look up to them for fashion inspiration.

Nollywood actress Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha has proven herself as a great fashionista who is known for dressing modestly and elegantly, and her look has remained consistent over the years. She's known for her great personality and believes appearance is of great importance in the media.

The 41-year-old actress has been in the entertainment industry for long and she's known for her gentle roles in Nollywood movies. Overtime through her choice of outfits she's has been able to prove that decent dressing is a brand and a little way of telling the world you don't play by their rules. Modest fashion generally refers to looks that provide coverage and don’t flaunt a woman’s body. Below are photos of Chioma Chukwuka wearing fashionable outfits in different ways and style.

1. Looking gorgeous in wine

2. Looking simple in a pink outfit

3. Simplicity at its peak

4. Sometimes, she goes traditional too

5. Gorgeous in Ankara

6. Always looking pretty

7. Looking like a chic in boubou dress

8. It was a corporate look here

9. Slaying In Kaftan

10. On duty, she still looks good.

11. Stunning look in sequin

12. She is always elegant on the red carpet

13. She loves her formal wears

14. Casual and simple

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