"Nyama Choma Kesho Pap" Governor Alfred Mutua Reveals His Excitement Over Lifted Lockdowns


Flooding Social media at the moment is non other than the lifted lockdowns, cessation of movements and reopening of eateries.

This came after President Uhuru Kenyatta pulled down his previous derivatives that many Kenyans had been heard alleging to be inhumane.

A number of Kenyans and leaders have shown how impressed they are with the recent directives the recent one being Machakos County Governor, Hon Alfred Mutua.

(Photo credit/File/Alfred Mutua)

"Now that the lockdown has been eased, "Kesho" I will be at A & L Hotel, Machakos. It is nyama Choma Sunday and all are welcome for a lovely family and friends afternoon. Tuonane at A & L tubonge na tujienjoy" allegedly claimed Alfred Mutua.

According to Governor Alfred Mutua statement, it's give a clear picture that even leaders had felt the pinch of the lockdowns.

However, it's not yet to be called a celebrations as the virus is still staring at us, therefore it's high time each and every Kenyan to take precautions individually.

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