Meet The Lady Was Allegedly Killed By Her Boyfriend And Dissapeared Leaving Her Near His Car


We are currently living at a time when people have turned into doing merciless things. Love has continued to become a major source of problems as it continues leading to suicide and murder incidences. This is something that has left most of us heartbroken for loosing a close friend or relative. 

As this happens, there is a lady who is said to be brutally murdered in issues to do with love. According to reports, it is said that the lady left home and went out to meet her boyfriend. However, she didn't come back home causing great worry. Her parents were more worried when her boyfriend's car was seen packed in mud.

The visit by her parents to the City mortuary made them meet her body which was covered with mud. Report has it that she had some missing body parts. This is the likes of eyes, fingers, stomach cuts, hair, mouth and face cuts. It's said that the boyfriend dissapeared after this happened but was later arrested.


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