Ghana Education Service: Change of Program of Study in the Senior High Schools


Ghana Education Service Releases Guidelines for change of Student program of Study 

Computerized School Selection and Placement System collected data from candidates who wrote the Basic Education Certificate Examination 2020.

The data include candidates choice of School, program of study and residential status.

The data was run in a computerized software with set of algorithms to place students into various Senior High schools.

Candidates were placed in schools based on the available vacancies in the programs and residential status.

Students changing program from one program to another creates overcrowding in other programs, the available vacancies were considered before students were placed.

Parents have called on Ghana Education Service to allow change of programs in the Senior High Schools.

Management of Ghana Education Service has released a guideline to schools on change of programs.


Heads entreated to use their discretion when students request to change programme. Generally, students should not move from less subscribed programmes to oversubscribed programmes. Again, the aggregate score of the students making the request should be considered to  see, if competitively, they could have been placed in the programme they would like to shift to before they are considered. In all cases, Heads are to use their discretion.

By Nedved