Judge: Between Ella And Ruth Of Date Rush, Who Is More Beautiful?


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Date Rush is a dating reality show that aim at connecting single ladies to single gentlemen. The show featured an eligible bachelor and 10 elegant ladies within the bachelor must walk through “fire and brimstone” to convince one of the ladies to go on a romantic date with him.

The show have gained grounds over the years and have provided the platform fort most of the contestants to be popular. In this article, we ask between these two contestants of the dating reality, Ella and Ruth, who is more beautiful?.

Let’s start with Ella.

Ella Diamond came to find love but went without love. After a long run of contemplating to choose the kind of man she wants which was Sammy Blessing but unfortunately for Ella, his rush was off.

Even after Sammy’s rush was off, Ella Diamond turn on the rush but Sammy turned down her proposal with a tangible reason.


Like Ella, Ruth also came to find love on Date Rush. She is a student nurse and one of the few female contestants who triggers fear and panic in the guy on stage as well.

She has been nicknamed the “questions madam” because of how much she asks the guys questions and some of her expressions she portrays on the dating show.

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