"We Are Returning To Power In 2023", Secondus Reveals What PDP Will Do

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The national chairman of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, has revealed what the PDP would do when the opposition party takes over the affairs of the country in 2023. The national chairman was sure of victory for the PDP and he has talked about some of the things the party would do.

The PDP was first defeated in 2015 when the All Progresives Congress presented Muhammadu Buhari as its candidate. The PDP had been in power since 1999 and left only in 2015. And since that time the party has been struggling to take over the affairs of the most populous African country.

The national said that the PDP government would partner with the Chinese Government and China as a whole when it takes over power in 2023. Prince Uche Secondus was so sure about the PDP government in 2023. And he talked when he was welcoming the new Chinese ambassador to the country, CUI Jianchu. The ambassador was at the national headquarters of the PDP located at Wadata Plaza, Abuja.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, Mr. Secondus revealed that when the PDP was in power for sixteen years, the party worked with China in key areas including infrastructural development, transportation and aviation. He explained that the party would continue to work with China when it returns to power in 2023.

Secondus boastfully said that the PDP is returning to power and he hoped that the party would do business with China as it did when the party was in control of the country. He revealed that Nigeria will want to be like China in areas that include science and technology. He also disclosed that he country (Nigeria) has several youths who can take he country to the moon.

He said, "We are returning to power in 2023 and hope to do business with you as we did when we were there. Nigeria wants to be where China is in the area of technology because we have vibrant and intelligent youths who can take this country even to the moon.”

The chairman said that the PDP would take adequate care of Nigerian youths. He said that the future of the country rests on the youths whom the APC has not really helped. He therefore urged the Chinese ambassador to help to develop the teeming Nigerian youths.

Source: Nigerian Tribune https://tribuneonlineng.com/pdp-to-work-with-china-on-return-to-power-in-2023-%E2%80%95-secondus/amp/

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