Sad News : Check out how a stepchild was beaten severely by her stepmom.

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Our world is almost full of heartless people. I sometimes don't see it necessary for us to call ourselves Christians or Muslims, because our characters to that of our religious leaders are very contradictious.

The Quoran and the Bible respectively emphasize and instructs us on how to treat our neighbors, but these words just hit our ear drums and bounce back without any profit.

On today's update, you won't believe how a young girl between under the age of 13 was severely beaten by her stepmother leaving heavy scars on her body.

This poor girl in her story made it clear that, she was subjected to such punishment since unintentionally urinated on her bed. The poor girl said did so because it was very late in the evening and was covered with great fear, besides she to also finds it difficult to alert her stepmother to request for assistance.

Her stepmother based on this reason and with much anger she discharged her penalty.

This story has really draw the attention of may people and has attracted numerous comments.

Infact is time for stepmothers to develop love for any offspring that they come across.

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