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You can never be too sure if a man really loves you. But they're things they do that shows how much they love you.


1# They Open Doors For You

Whether you're in public or it's just the two of you, he never forget to open a door for you. When a man doesn't really have deep feeling for you, he'll be lazy to go around and open a car door for you.

When a man loves a woman, he loves to take of her, he is attentive and always want to keep her safe and comfortable.

2# He introduces you to everyone

He want everyone he care about to know you. He want you to know his loved one too. He feel like his family and friends could be your family and friends too. He introduces you to everyone even long time friend when passing the street.

He want everyone to know his woman.

3# Kisses Your Forehead

Kiss on the forehead and cheeks are one of the most taken for granted kisses. If a man kisses a forehead it means he is extremely attracted to the woman.

4# He Spend lots of time with you

We all know how men love to rather spend the more time to their friends watching a game or drinking. But it your men prefers to spend more time with you, talking about your childhood, dreams and goal you've hit a jackpot.

5# Always Protecting You

He protect you in everyway and always there to support you.

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